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Here are the 2014 Municipal Election Results


Brent Devolin   2159

Brigitte Gall    1596

Barb Reid    937



Cheryl Murdoch        2821

Rick Ashall    1529

John Beattie    214



Ron Nesbitt    2402

Daryl Moore    1983



Jeanne Anthon         Acclaimed

Lisa Schell                Acclaimed



Pam Sayne    754

Ken Redpath    560



Jean Neville 496

Richard Bradley 165


Trillium Lakeland Board of Edudaction

Gary Brohman        Acclaimed

 Conseil scolaire Viamonde

Sylvie A Landry 7

Claude K. Mbuyi 1


Updates from a variety of sources in our community.

Reeves and Deputy Reeves meet: A special all candidates meeting just for the  candidates seeking the top two positions in the four Haliburton County municipal councils was held October 6. To read Minden Times reporter Chad Ingram's report, Click here


A clean slate: During the Minden Hills all candidates meeting, Reeve Barb Reid was asked if she had created another slate for this election. Read Chad Ingram's report of the meeting, click here.

Watch the action: You can also watch the recorded version of the meeting from Highlander TV.Click here.


Aiding and Abetting: Chad Ingram, writing in the September 17 edition of The Times, questions whether the press should be reporting on one candidate in this year's  Minden Hills Election. Click here.



Transparency and accountability missing: The Times editor Chad Ingram has struggled to get information from Minden Hills. He says it shouldn't be difficult to discover how your tax dollars are being spent. Click here


Voting 101: For some basic information about voting in the upcoming Minden Hills Municipal election, check out this information provided by the municipality. Click here


Are you Happy?: Highlander publisher Bram Lebo muses about what could be behind the departure of Nancy Wright Laking. Click here


Looking within: Times reporter Chad Ingram, suggests in an editorial that the search to fill Minden Hills  vacancies should begin in house. Click here.



Policing costs: Chad Ingram, editor of the Minden Times suggests it is time Haliburton County ratepayers spoke up about the proposed change to the OPP funding Formula. Read his commentary Click here.


 NOTE: Due to a technical problem, all the news links listed below are unavailable. We are attempting to restore those links as soon as possible.... Sorry for the inconvenience.



Gall switches to Reeve race: Brigitte Gall has joined the race for Reeve of Minden Hills, reports Chad Ingram in this article posted July 24 on The Times website. Click here


Larry Clarke withdraws from Reeve's race: Reporter Sue Tiffin reports in The Highlander that Reeve candidate Larry Clarke has withdrawn his nomination. To read the full story, Click here


Minden CAO leaves four weeks early: Just days after announcing her intention to resign in late July, Highlander reporter Sue Tiffin writes that Nancy Wright-Laking left June 25. See story here


CAO resigns: The community was surprised when Minden Hills CAO Nancy Wright-Laking announced her resignation. Times Reporters Chad Ingram and Darrin Lum filed this report. Click here


The electronic voting system is working fine, according to the company providing the system. Read a report by Chad Ingram in the Minden Times. Click here.


 OPP Billing Reform will CRUSH the County of Haliburton: reads the headline on the Haliburton County website. The Ontario Provincial Police has proposed a new billing model effective in 2015 that will impact the residents and ratepayers of the Township of Minden Hills. The municipality has joined with the Townships of Algonquin Highlands, Dysart et al and Highlands East as well as the County of Haliburton in calling for the proposed model to be withdrawn and for the current model to be modified to reflect the needs of our communities. The county's municipalities are co-ordinating a Day of Action. Visit these websites for more information at: and


Minden Times Editor, Chad Ingram is looking for a number, any number, to justify the proposed OPP funding sche3dule being introduced by the province. Read his editorial here.


MIA: The editors want to know, where are the candidates who haven't even surfaced on this website? Don't they owe it to the voters to start explaining why they are running? Click here.


Internet Voting: Minden Hills CAO Nancy Wright-Laking has recommended the hiring of Intelivote of Nova Scotia to manage the municipality's new internet and telephone voting process. See Chad Ingram's Minden Times report here.


Something extra in your tax bill: Chad Ingram of the Minden Times reports that the Minden Hills Council has approved the insertion in the tax bills encouraging voters to protest the new funding formula for the OPP. Read the report here.



Riverwalk Survey: The CIA is looking for your input regarding Minden's Riverwalk, Click here to access the link to the surveys


Cycling in Minden Hills: Sue Shikaze, the chair of the Communities in Action Committee, shares her passion for two wheeled transportation and why Minden Hills is an ideal community  in which to develop cycling infrastructure. See her commentary here.


Septic System Inspections: The Peter-borough Health Unit is being hired to do septic system inspections in Algonquin Highlands and Minden Hills. See report by Chad Ingram of the Minden Times here.


Tower consultation: The federal government is demanding that wireless companies consult more fully with local communities before erecting a cell tower. Read the CBC's report here.


Pool Survey Results: On December 12, The County Pool Initiative announced the results of a survey of Haliburton County residents. You can read the organization's press release here.


Internet Voting Is Back: Chad Ingram of the Minden Times reports after having previously rejected it, Minden Hills Council has voted to use Internet Voting in 2014. Read the story here.


Minden Hills Rejects Internet Voting. Angelica Blenich of the Minden Times reports the Minden Hills Council has rejected the internet option. Read the story here.


Algonquin Highlands Rejects Internet Voting. Chad Ingram, of the  Minden Times reports on a decision of the municipal council to the north of Minden Hills. Read the story here.

October 19, 2015

Well, here we are again, almost a year after  the municipal election and coincidentally writing on October 19th, the day Canada votes for change. Over the past year we have been ruminating about what to do with this site. We're still not sure..... perhaps it is time to try something other than rumination.

So, somewhat out of  desperation and to appear to be "doing something", we offer the following links to a number of things not directly connected to Our Minden Hills, but worthy of sharing.

PS: if you have some thoughts about what this site should become, drop me a line at

Cheers, The Editor.

OCTOBER 19, 2015: The first item is  video from the John Oliver show Last Week Tonight, with a very direct plea to Canadians not to vote for Stephen Harper. It is a little silly, but certainly telling that a British comedian on an American Comedy Network feels moved to admonish Canadians on what to do or not do  during this election. It, of course, doesn't hurt that Canadian comedian (and one time Haliburton County regular) Mike Myers make an appearance in this excerpt.


OCTOBER 19, 2015: The second offering today  is another video from You Tube. The title, Deactivate Facebook, says it all. Although it is a little longer than the traditional cute kitten 45 second video, it makes some telling points about where our ever-more connected world is headed. I particularly enjoyed a series of photos, obviously taken from a fb site. As the commentator talks about the masks we don on line the photographs flip by, revealing a woman with the same expression in all of the pictures.

PS: I'm not sure if a website that encourages you to check in regularly is any different than Facebook or Twitter or whatever. For the moment at least we carry no advertising, however one never knows, if we get our numbers up.....

Listen and think:


Note from the editor:

All the material gathered during the Municipal Election has been archived at the following location: This site is currently under redevelopment Please drop back often to see what we are up to.



Well, this portion of the ride has come to an end. As you can see on the left, the voters have spoken and we have a council to guide us into the next four years.

We thank everyone who contributed to this site.....the candidates, the comenters and questioners and especially the many readers. As the content increased and the election date drew near, it was gratifying to see the interest growing.

We hope the information provided on helped you in making your choice. We will be taking a few weeks off to recoup and then....well who knows what we will do with this website. Your suggestions are welcome. ( 

Jack and Michael